From Sheahan in 1861:

The three ancient hundreds, in Domesday Book denominated Essedene, Votesdon and Tichesele, were united in the present hundred of Ashendon popularly so called, but technically, The Three hundreds of Ashendon.

"The orthography of those names in the subsequent changes through which they passed has been so various" says Dr. Lipscomb,"that they are not without difficulty identified with the modern appelations of Ashendon, Waddesdon and Ixhill, the places whence they were originally derived." The modern hundred of Ashendon is bounded on the S.W. and W. by Oxfordshire; on the N. by the hundred of Buckingham; and on the S. and E. by Cottesloe and Aylesbury hundreds. It embraces an area of 66,670 acres.

Ashendon Map