Includes the Petty and Quarter Sessions, JPs, Police, and the Criminals.

2nd February 1867

John Thatcham, on the 2nd February 1867 was convicted of Night Poaching in Horden Wood. He was caught at 1.30 am. Punishment 3 months hard labour

23 January 1869


Samuel Andrews, William Woods, and Joseph Gardener pleaded guilty to the stealing of some Mistletoe from the trees of Mr T Lunnon of Bourne End, were ordered to pay 8s 1d each costs. 

The Amersham Magistrates Court known as Petty Sessions originally started meeting at the Crown Inn. It also met at the Police Station and Amersham Union Workhouse.

Below are a group of cases involving transport and roads.

Before the Beaconsfield Petty Sessions - Beaches of Education Act March 1897

“Irish Annie” Again
Annie Wilson, better known as “Irish Annie” as charges with being drunk and disorderly at Datchet on October 24th.

15th December 1866

Arron Simmons was convicted of placing a steam image and threshing machine on the Highway after pleading Guilty.

Costs 8s, Penalty 1s, Constable 2/6.