8th September 1827

At Buckingham fair on Tuesday last a bull and cow entered the house of Harry Cox, the staymaker, and alarmed the family whilst at breakfast; the entrance being narrow it was impossible to turn them out.

The nimble staymaker, however, made his escape with some difficulty out of the window, and, arming himself with a wheel-wright's hammer, with valorous intrepidity proceeded to the back entrance, Here another difficulty occurred , as the bull's head prevented his entrance. For a considerable time matters remained in this state - a most perplexing one to the staymaker, his daughter being in a fainting fit, his children crying, and Mrs.Cox calling out for a constable to rid her of their unpleasant visitants. At length several farmers, by dint of strength, pulled the animals out by their tails, but not before the partition was nearly demolished, and the family then resumed their quiet repast.