Bow Brickhill

'Little Brickhill, Great Brickhill,
Brickhill with a Bow
These three Brickhills
 Stand all in a row.'

As this old rhyme explains, our village straddles a steep hillside and sprawls along three lower roads. At the eastern end, All Saints Church dominates the top of the hill. A mile away westwards, and 500 feet below, a tiny railway halt ends the main road through the village. The railway, between Bedford and Bletchley, opened in 1846 and brought employment for many villagers. Names on ancient maps  Sheep Lane, Hogstye End, Back Woods, Blind Pond Field, depict a mainly rural area. Other employment was in the extensive woodlands bordering the church and owned by the Duke of Bedford. Nowadays areas of these woodlands have been cleared and are used for golf, including important events such as we Dunhill Masters.

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Education Provision 1833

Bow Brickhill Parish (Pop. 475)

One Daily School, containing from 8 to 12 children; the mistress of which is paid £5 per annum by the minister and churchwardens, arising from Mr. Perrott's bequest.

Two Sunday Schools, respectively consisting of 70 and 46 children; attached to Wesleyan Methodists and other Dissenters, by whom they are supported.


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