Extract from the Universal British Directory 1791

Is the county-town; it is situated in a valley, on a dry gravelly soil, surrounded on all sides, except the North by the Ouze, over which it has three stone bridges. It is distant 57 miles North West of London, and is bounded on the West by Tingwick and Ratclifte, North by Moreton, North East by Thornborough, East by Padbury, and South by Hillesden and- Preston. It contains about 3800 acres, whereof 1600 are reputed to be in Lemborough Endship, 500 in Gawcott, 1200 Bourton and 500 in the borough part of the town; it is assessed to the land tax at 613l 5d. The number of families in the whole parish is supposed to be 540 and the vicarage is about the value of 100l, per annum.


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