Memories of Chalfont St Peter

I was born in Chalfont St Peter in 1902 and remember well conditions before the First World War. The milk was delivered to my home by a man who carried a heavy can, with half pint and pint measures suspended inside the can. We came to the door with a jug for twice-daily deliveries and once on Sunday. If we needed milk on Sunday afternoon, we collected it from the farm.

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Horn Hill

Horn Hill was meant to have been a model village and, where the Hall now stands, there were at the turn of the century, six picturesque cottages but without 'mod-cons'. Mr H. D. Harben, the then Chairman of the Prudential, bought Newland Park and much of the adjoining land, farms, and above-mentioned six cottages.

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Chalfont St Peter

Chalfont St Peter is a village and parish on the main road, A413, from London to Aylesbury. It lies in a valley on the spur of the Chiltern Hills. The river Misbourne runs through the middle of the main village street, now culverted in the shopping area.

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Memories of Horn Hill

The little Church called St. Paul's, a Chapel of Ease, is about the only landmark which has not changed in any way, the same yew trees surround and shade it. Everything else is quite different.

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Memories of Chalfont St Peter

The River Misbourne once flowed over the main road   at one point and was known as 'the splash'. Horses and carts paused here to be washed down. When the first cars came they often got stuck in the splash and the local lads would call out, 'Push you out for a penny, Sir'. At times the houses were flooded and on one occasion the customers were marooned in a pub. A foot-bridge was built and eventually by 1968 the River Misbourne had competely disappeared under a shopping precinct and parking space with flats above.

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