Memories of Chalfont St Peter

I was born in Chalfont St Peter in 1902 and remember well conditions before the First World War. The milk was delivered to my home by a man who carried a heavy can, with half pint and pint measures suspended inside the can. We came to the door with a jug for twice-daily deliveries and once on Sunday. If we needed milk on Sunday afternoon, we collected it from the farm.
Mr Keys was the postmaster and he also ran a grocery business on the same premises. Mr Mills had a bakery and sold both bread and groceries in his shop. Mr Brown sold groceries, hardware and paraffin oil (no oil to be sold after dark!). Mr Bonsey kept The George and he also had a butcher's shop, now the saloon bar. At the rear of The George was a slaughterhouse where cattle were brought on foot controlled by a dog and a man (or often a boy), from Watford cattle market (ten miles away) and Slough (six miles). Mr Stone also had a bakery and confectioner's shop. Mr Dell was the carrier "to and from London twice per week”, and Mr Bastin “to and from Uxbridge daily”.

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "Buckinghamshire Within Living Memory" (1993) and reproduced here with their permission

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