Ashley Green - Description

The village of Ashley Green is situated on the B416 road running from Berkhamsted to Chesham. It is one of the typical Chiltern villages, consisting of a long 'green', with a church, post office/ shop, village hall and public house. Unfortunately, it is dissected by the main road.

The soil is clay, in chalk flints, and there are many underground rivers and streams in the area. There are also underground sandstone caves in the village. These are filled with water most of the year round it is supposed, and no one seems to know where the entrance to the caves is, although it is strongly suspected that the entrance is in a small area near the green, now owned by the Water Board. It is also thought that from the caves leads a passageway to Berkhamsted Castle.

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "The Buckinghamshire Village Book" (1987) and reproduced here with their permission