Memories of the Claydons

Schooling in the Claydons in the old days was basic but thorough. Most pupils finished education at 14 when they left the village school; only one of Claydons pupils per year was awarded a place at the Latin School in Buckingham, with likely candidates getting two chances to sit the exams at eleven to twelve years old. However, some parents thought it was "not worth educating a girl" so didn't allow them to sit the exams anyway.

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East & Botolph Claydon

Claydon House, about seven miles South of the town of Buckingham, had four villages which grew up around it, owned by the Estate, and housing its workers and those traditional craftsmen whose skills were needed to support a farming community. Two of these are the village of East Claydon, and the hamlet of Botolph Claydon. The only church, dedicated to St Mary, dates from the 15 th century, and is in East Claydon. Nevertheless, until recent times, Botolph Claydon was always the larger settlement.

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Education Provision 1833

East Claydon with Bottle Claydon Parish (Pop. 336)

One Infant School (commenced 1827), in which are about 40 children of both sexes, partly supported by subscription and partly by payments from the children.

One Sunday School, for this and the parish of Middle Claydon, wherein 100 children receive gratuitous instruction.


Notes on East Claydon

Description of East Claydon from Sheahan, 1861.

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