Seer Green

The village is situated amid the leafiest lanes in south Bucks, but on a map made in Norman times it is shown as a hamlet called 'Sere'.
Legend says that Merlin, King Arthur's seer, rested here on his journeys to and from Camelot. There is a well in the village which  still bears his name, and it was here that the villagers came to consult him about the future - hence the name 'Seer Green'.

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Farnham Common & Farnham Royal

Farnham Common lies in the parish of Farnham Royal. It covers an area of some 2.5 miles and has a population of approximately 6,000.
Farnham Royal was the main village with its church of St Mary's, shops, cottages and village pump situated in the centre junction of the cross roads. Farnham Common was known as 'Up End', being the common land of the parish where the livestock was grazed at certain times of the year. As this common area became more populated it became known as Farnham Common.

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Education Provision 1833

Farnham Royal Parish (including part of Salt Hill) (Pop. 777)

Two Day and Sunday Schools, attended by 56 males and 28 females daily, and 39 males and 36 females on Sundays, supported by subscription and small weekly payments from the children. Rooms were built for the above Schools by subscription, in 1822, when they were placed on their present footing.

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Notes on Farnham Royal

Description of Farnham Royal from J. J. Sheahan, 1861.


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