Education Provision 1833

Farnham Royal Parish (including part of Salt Hill) (Pop. 777)

Two Day and Sunday Schools, attended by 56 males and 28 females daily, and 39 males and 36 females on Sundays, supported by subscription and small weekly payments from the children. Rooms were built for the above Schools by subscription, in 1822, when they were placed on their present footing.

Hedgerley-Dean Hamlet (Pop. 171)

One Daily School (commenced 1830), in which 5 males and 7 females are instructed at the expense of their parents;

One Sunday School, attached to Independent Dissenters (commenced 1821), consisting of 23 males and 37 females, supported by voluntary contributions.

Seer-Green Hamlet (Pop. 245)

Two Daily Schools, one contains 20 males and 4 females, supported by Lady Young and Mr. and Miss Dupree; the other 22 females, partly supported by Lady Young, in aid of payment by the parents of the children.

One Sunday School, in which 40 children of both sexes are gratuitously instructed. These Schools have all commenced since 1818.


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