Weedon lies about half a mile to the east of the road from Aylesbury to Buckingham, about three miles north of Aylesbury. Some 350 people live in the village, in 140 houses, the oldest probably being the Manor farmhouse, which carries several dates in the 1640s on its walls. Several families have lived in Weedon for many generations; the Fleets for 200 or so years, the Finchers for upwards of a hundred.

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Education Provision 1833

Hardwicke Parish (Pop. 235)

Two Daily Schools, respectively containing 30 males and 18 females; endowed by the Rev. John Bridle, a former Rector of tne parish, for educating 18 males and 12 females, the remainder are paid for by their parents.

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Notes on Hardwick cum Weedon

Description of Hardwick cum Weedon from Sheanhan, 1861

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