Notes on Hardwick cum Weedon

Description of Hardwick cum Weedon from Sheanhan, 1861 The parish of Hardwick, with the hamlet of Weedon, contains 3,200 acres, and 739 inhabitants; of which 1,340 acres and 292 acres belong to Hardwick. The rateable value of Hardwick is £2,025. The soil is chiefly clay. The village is situated on the Aylesbury and Buckingham road, 3.5 miles N. of the former town.

Lillies is a large gabled mansion in the Gothic style, with cemented fronts, and stands pleasently in park-like well wooded grounds. It is now occupied by A.J.N. Connel, Esq., M.D. The late Lord Nugent wrote the "Legend of Lilies."

The village of Weedon is much larger than that of Hardwick, and is pleasingly seated on an eminence overlooking the town and vale of Aylesbury. It is distant about one mile south from the village of Hardwick, and nearly three miles north from the town of Aylesbury. Here are several modern genteel houses of red-brick; and there is a curious antique-looking house, bearing the date, 1649. A detached portion of the hamlet, called East End, contains two farms, and about a dozen cottage residences. Weedon Lodge, the residence of Mr. John Lucas, is a genteel red brick house, which commands a pleasant view. At the farm called Golbys, Weedon Hill, is a large range of farm buildings erected in 1860 be Baron de Rothschild. Being composed of bright red brick, with bands, chequer work, and devices in black brick, this pile is of an ornamental and attractive character. The disposition of the barn, stables, granaries, cattle sheds, etc. - forming three sides of a square, is perfect, and the buildings are of fire proof materials. The dwelling-house, also of red and black brick, and like the farm buildings covered with red tiles, staneds about twenty yeards from the farm-yard, having the high road between them. This place is in the occupation of Mr. Edward John Clift.

Hardwick was inclosed under the provisions of an Act passed in 1778, but Weedon was not inclosed until 1801. Under both inclosure acts, allotments of land were granted to the Rector in lieu of tithes.

Weedon contains 1,860 acres, and in 1851 the population numbered 447 souls.