Education Provision 1833

Iver Parish, with part of Colnbrook Chapelry (Pop. 1,870)

Five Daily Schools, one of which contains 20 females, who are paid for by private benevolence; in the other four, partly supported by private charity, and partly by payments from the parents, are 109 females.

Four Day and boarding Schools, in which 50 males and 16 females are educated vat the expense of their parents.

One Day and Sunday  National School, endowed with fee farm rents amounting to £16 6s. per annum, and the interest of £200  three per cent, consols; it is further supported by voluntary contributions, amounting in the whole to £40 per annum, which is paid to the master; a few of the children are also paid for by their parents.  This School is attended by 50 males duly, and about 8 in addition on Sundays.

One Sunday School, supported by the wife and daughter of the Vicar, in which 70 females are gratuitously instructed.