The War Years Remembered

Childhood Memories of Ivinghoe & Pitstone 1939-1945
Doris & Leon Hawkins

It was September 3rd 1939.I, Doris, was nearly 7 years old, Leon was aged 10 years. Both of us attended Ivinghoe old school.

The war started, so we had an extra two weeks Summer holiday. That was because the evacuees were arriving from London and to get them settled into village homes.

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Reminiscences of an Ivinghoe Lady

I was born in Wellcroft in Ivinghoe, the daughter of Herbert & Ethel Bierton.
My first memory is of me being in a pushchair going down past what is now the Youth Hostel. At that time it was the home of Mr Robert's Family. The Brewery was still working, I cannot remember much. There was a chimney near the churchyard with all the sheds and Buildings.
I also remember a little piglet running around they must have bowled for the pig. There was also a band playing.

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Ivinghoe is a picturesque village with old houses clustered on two sides of the village Lawn. The size of the church and the existence of a Town Hall tell us that Ivinghoe was once a much bigger village. In fact, Ivinghoe used to have two or three markets per week to which the local farmers and straw plaiters came to sell their produce.

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Memories of Ivinghoe

My father's family, the Seabrooks, were living in Ivinghoe in 1559 and we are the first names in the Church Register. I was born in 1893.

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Education Provision 1833

Ivinghoe Parish, including the Hamlets of Aston, Horton with Seabrook and Margaret-Street, (Pop. 1,648.)

One Daily School, in which 6 males and 9 females are instructed at the expense of their parents.

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