The village of Leckhampstead is situated on the stream the Leek that rises in Whittlebury forest in Northamptonshire and is a tributary of the river Ouse which bounds the parish on the south side. In bygone years the parish was divided into two parts called Leckhampstead Magna and Leckhampstead Parva and land between was known as 'Tween Towns'.


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Memories of Leckhampstead

In the first decade of this century I left my home in London to pay a visit to some relatives in north Bucks in the village of Leckhampstead. This visit was
never terminated and from the age of four I spent the next fifty years in the same cottage that became my home.

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Education Provision 1833

Leckhampstead Parish (Pop. 499)

One Daily School, containing about 30 children of both sexes; endowed in 1806 by John Smith with certain funds, with which the trustees subsequently purchased £300 in the three and a half per cents; 15 of the above are on the foundation, the rest are paid for by their parents.

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Notes on Leckhamstead

Description of Leckhamstead from Sheahan, 1861.

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