Middle Clayton

Our village has no actual centre as such, but covers a large area, with a population of approximately 150. At one extremity we have Verney Junction, a handful of cottages which once housed railway employees, and a public house. The railway was axed by Beeching in 1967. There is one large house, probably an ex-farmhouse.
Claydon House has been home of the Verney family from the 17th century. It is now a National Trust property, although the Verney family occupy the South Wing. The cobbled courtyard probably looks similar to the days when dairying, laundry and carpentry were carried out. Views from the house over gardens, lawns and fields lead the eye to the three lakes, which years ago supplied the household with fish. Fishing is now confined to clubs, but a great variety of birds breed and dwell among the little islands.

Beside Claydon House stands All Saints church, with its 15th century tower, and painted ceiling in the chancel. High on the East Wall is the Gauntlet of Sir Edmund Verney, King's Standard Bearer, who was killed at the Battle of Edge Hill - his body was never found, only his hand, still clutching the Standard

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "The Buckinghamshire Village Book" (1987) and reproduced here with their permission