Education Provision 1833

Newport Pagnell Parish (Pop. 3,385)

Eleven Infant Schools; ten whereof contain about 100 children, who are instructed at the expense of their parents; the other, 50 (commenced 1833) supported by subscription, in aid of which each child pays twopence per week.

Three Daily Schools; one contains 20 females, endowed with £10 per annum, and a residence for the mistress; another, 125 males, supported by voluntary contributions; masters' salary £55 per annum in addition to a penny a week from each scholar; the other (commenced 1829), contains 50 females supported by subscription, in aid of which each child contributes two-pence a week; mistresses'
salary £40 per annum.

Six Boarding Schools, in which 46 males and 133 females are educated at the expense of their parents.

One Day and Sunday National School, attended by 105 males daily, and 30 in addition on Sundays; supported by voluntary contributions; master's salary £45 per annum, with a penny a week from each boy attending the School.

Three Sunday Schools; one (of the Established Church) with 83 females, who are also twice a week instructed in needle-work; mistresses' salary £10 per annum; another, appertaining to Independent Dissenters, consists of 121 males and 168 females; the other (commenced 1823), to Wesleyan Methodists, and consists of 31 males and 25 females; in all the Sunday Schools the children receive gratuitous instruction;

In addition to the above are Fifteen small Schools, in which 210 children are taught lace-making.