North Crawley

A country lane, an old thatched cot,
Fields, woods and garden plots:
Those lovely elms and chestnuts grand,
And oaks - the finest in the land.

The church so grand with lovely steeple
That is so grand to many people.
The chapel, too, is rather nice,
Where every Sunday folk rejoice.

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Memories of North Crawley

The population of the village is now just under five hundred with twenty-six children in the school. In 1895 there were one hundred and twenty children in the school, with three families of twelve children each.
Children were allowed to leave at eleven if they had a 'Dunce's Certificate'. The school had galleried seating with long desks.
In 1895 the migration from farm working started and men went to the Railway Works at Wolverton.

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Education Provision 1833

North Crawley Parish (Pop. 791)

Four Daily Schools,
three of which contain about 24 children of both sexes;
the other, 12 males, all under instruction at the expense of their parents.

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Notes on North Crawley

North Crawley - Description from J.J. Sheahan, 1861.

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