Education Provision 1833

Stoke Poges Parish, with part of Slough (Pop. 1,252)

Six Daily Schools, one contains 64 children, endowed with ú30 per annum and a school-house, for which 30 males and 10 females are instructed; 10 others are paid for by the parish, the rest by their parents; two others respectively contain 27 and 18 children, supported by two individuals who have built school-houses, and pay all annual expenses, (the children in these Schools attend also on Sundays); in the other three, 35 children are instructed at the expense of their parents.

Two Boarding Schools, respectively containing 15 and 28 males, whose education is paid for by their parents; the last School appertains to Roman Catholics; five of the daily Schools, with 95 children, have commenced since 1818.