Stokenchurch is a hill-top village in the Chilterns, on the Bucks/ Oxon border. The name Stokenchurch is believed to be derived from the 'The Church in the Stocken', that is a church built within a stockade to protect the inhabitants from animals and outlaws.

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Memories of Studley Green

As a child I lived in Studley Green on the main London to Oxford Road, about six miles west of High Wycombe. The roads were made of flint, and were dusty and full of pot holes. Women wearing large sacking aprons used to go into the fields stone picking for a few pence. These stones were collected up and put into large heaps by the roadside and were then used for filling the holes and were rolled in by a steamroller. Traffic at that time was mostly horse drawn.

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Memories of Stokenchurch

Eighty years ago the village had two blacksmiths, three wheelwrights, three undertakers, two bakers, two shoe repairers, two butchers, and a tailor. We were independent of mains water as each house had a tank where rain water was stored. There was a village well, and springs nearby which were used in dry weather. There was also a sort of mobile cistern where villagers could buy a pail of water for one penny. Well water was very chalky and had to stand some time before being used. There was no gas or electricity.

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Notes on Stokenchurch

This parish was in Oxfordshire until the County of Buckingham (Stokenchurch) Order 1895, this parish was transfered, March 31 1896, in pursuance of Section 54 of the Local Government (England and Wales) Act, 1888 (51 and 52 Vict. c. 41).

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