Dadford is a very small village, surrounded by large areas of farmland. To the north we have the famous Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit which has approximately 2/3rds of its area in Bucks and was the the R.A.F. home for Wellingtons in the Second World War.
The well known public school of Stowe is on our doorstep. Set in the lovely grounds, landscaped originally by Capability Brown, it was the home for former Dukes of Buckingham and rumour has it that one Duke decided the village of Dadford should be moved from Stowe to its present position, but the church had to remain in the grounds and so we became part of the parish of Stowe and our church is still there. There are no shops in the village nor do we have a pub, but our Village hall was the old village school and the building was given to the village by the Close-Smith family who for many years owned Boycott Manor.

At the end of the picturesque Stowe Avenue leading out of Buckingham is the small hamlet of Chackmore. As the church is at Radclive the parish becomes Radclive and Chackmore. Chackmore itself, like Dadford, has not expanded very quickly but it does boast a pub. The old school was purchased a few years ago and is now the Parish Hall. The Annual Horticultural Show is an event of long tradition, but moved a few years ago from the centre of the village to a site near the Corinthian Arch at Stowe.

Dadford and the surrounding area may be an ideal sleepy location often dreamed about by townsfolk and it is to be hoped that the rolling countryside may continue to survive amongst the increasing demands of the enormous concrete city of Milton Keynes not very far away.

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "The Buckinghamshire Village Book" (1987) and reproduced here with their permission