Twyford with a population of approximately 550 is located in north Buckinghamshire just a mile or two from the border with Oxfordshire. It has only one road passing through the village and no major roads or motorways nearby. It is a very quiet and peaceful place in which to live.
It has a very beautiful old church dating back to the 14th century with some features of an earlier date. The tower, built around 1320, contains a modern clock and a peal of six bells. The doorway and chancel arch are both Norman and in the churchyard an ancient preaching cross can still be seen.

The village also has a few very old houses dating back to the 17th century and one that is 15th century and although many larger, modern houses have been built in recent years the village has not lost its charm. With farms and farmland surrounding it Twyford is never crowded.

Hodges is a name heard many times in the village but as in many villages the aspect of all staying in the village is rapidly changing.

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "The Buckinghamshire Village Book" (1987) and reproduced here with their permission