Memories of Wingrave

In 1895 my Grandfather Jones built a house in Wingrave to serve as a post office as well as a home. Grandmother Jones was the postmistress.

Each morning a postman arrived at the post at 7.30am with the post, having cycled the six miles from Aylesbury. A local person then sorted and delivered the post in Wingrave. The postman cycled a further two miles to the neighbouring village of Aston Abbots to take their post.
The Wingrave post office was then open from 8.30am to 7pm. The postman returned to Wingrave at 11 am to meet with another postman who had cycled from Aylesbury to bring the second post. The first postman then himself delivered the second post in Wingrave before going again to Aston Abbotts with their second delivery. The second postman returned to Aylesbury with the outgoing mail from the two villages. The first postman went back from Wingrave (to Aylesbury) at 6 pm with the second collection of mail.

In 1905 Grandfather Jones died suddenly and I moved with my mother and father to live at the post office. It was an ABC Telegraph Office and very busy with telegrams. These were delivered to neighbouring villages and outlying farms.

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "Buckinghamshire Within Living Memory" (1993) and reproduced here with their permission

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