A Concise History of Amersham 1887

An almanack produced by E.Thos.King who was 'Chemist and Printer' at the Amersham Pharmacy is available for members only to read.

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Memories of Coleshill

Village life in Coleshill has changed considerably since we were children about fifty years ago. It is a very beautiful village and over the past twenty years has attracted the financially better-off. Consequently all the cottages which in our childhood were rented to people with families, some of them quite large,-have been bought up and enlarged and on the whole are occupied by elderly and retired people. Most of the young couples from the village are unable to afford to buy any property here—there being now very few to rent—so they have to move away to live, and this means that we have far fewer children living here.

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Education Provision 1833

Agmondesham, or Amersham Borough and Parish, including the Hamlet of Coleshill, situate in the County of Hertford (Pop. 3,313.)

Thirty-four Daily Schools, which collectively contain 201 males and 274 females;

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Extract from the Universal British Directory 1791

Is a borough town. It is 26 miles from London; has a market on Tuesdays; fairs Whitsun-Monday for cattle, 19th of September for ditto and statute. The chief manufactures are lace, which is considerably large chiefly black lace; the sacking manufacture, which is but small and a manufactory for cotton, by Messrs. Morris, Hailey, and Hailey, of all kinds of white cotton goods, by machinery of the newest, and some of it of peculiar, construction.

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This information appears here with the kind permission of Julian Hunt . It is data collected in preparation for his publication A History of Amersham

Baptist (Upper Meeting House)
Baptist(Upper Meeting House)

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