This information appears here with the kind permission of Julian Hunt . It is data collected in preparation for his publication A History of Amersham

Baptist (Upper Meeting House)
Baptist(Upper Meeting House)
BAPTIST CHURCH (Upper Meeting House)

1669 Archbishop Sheldon’s Questionaire
For Anabaptists, of these we have a meeting at Woodside in David Symson’s house. One Robert Turner, a maltster in the town is often their preacher, and some time Edwards Ednepp, a blacksmith, and sometimes others out of other parishes. Their numbers at a time I know not, these have so met about these two years, which is so long as I have been in the town, and how long before I know not.
1677 Baptist Meeting House built
1706 Bishop Wake’s Episcopal Returns
{Amersham] is a large extent and has bout 200 fanmilies in it
There are many dissenters, especially Anabaptist and Quakers who each have of them a meeting house in it.
1709 Bishop Wake’s Episcopal Returns
Families 400; souls 2,000; dissenters of all kinds, chiefly Anabaptists and Quakers; these meet every Sunday; in number the former of 70, the latter of 90. About one third of the parish are dissenters
1779 Meeting House rebuilt at cost of John Harding
1797 25 April Death of John Harding of Amersham Common
1823 Meeting House passed to seceders from the Lower Meeting House
1944 Meeting House sold. Now private house

BAPTIST CHURCH (Lower Meeting House)

1777 House of Richard Morris in Amersham registered as a meeting house.
1783 Fund opened to erect "a more commodiuos building" on part of Richard Morris's "Great Yard"
1816 Rental Morris, Richard: For a house in the High Street formerly Henry Hobbs
in his own occupation Freehold 3d
1817 Death of Richard Morris
1842 British School built on rear of Baptist Chapel
1980 Interior refitted.


1713 Upper Meeting House
Baptised Sister Bigg of Woodrow by Brother North and had hands laid on her by Borther Charsley
1725 Dwelling house of John Bigg, sawyer, at Woodenrow in the parish of Amersham licenced as a meeting house
1734 1 May Recited in BAS 1260/38
1) John Bigg of Woodrow husbandman & Ann his wife
2) Philip James of Hemsted Herts Doctor of Divinity
Francis Walker of Princes Risborough gent
Robert Dorsett of Haddingham gent
Joshua Russell of Wapping Middlesex brewer
Samuel Burch junior of London corn factor
John Lane of Bovingdon Herts husbandman
Richard Moor of Coleshill labourer
Joseph Wheeler of Chesham clothworker
John Tims of Chesham bricklayer
Jonas Bovingdon of Woodrow husbandman
Francis Fryer of Chenies husbandman
Lazarus Pratt of Amersham glover
Thomas Honnor of Woodrow shoemaker
All that piece or parcel of ground with appurtenances situate lying and being at Woodrow then or late in the tenure or occupation of the said John Bigg and Ann his wife....for the purpose of erecting building and setting up thereon a tenement edifice or building to be from time to time and at all times during the said term of 800 years used and enjoyed by a Society or Congregation of Protestant Dissenters of which they the said grantees were the chosen trustees as a meeting house or place of public and religious worship ...
1738 Rental Manor of Woodrow
Wm Drake: David Salter
For lands and premises hereafter mentioned:
Dovehouse Mead adjoining to his house 3a
In Church Field, Gospel Field & Meeting House Platt 25a
1741 Entries in the parish registers for burials at Woodrow from this date
1775 Rev Richard Morris came to Woodrow from Lancashire to preach the Baptists cause
1781 5 July BAS 1260/38
1) Thomas Honnor of Beaconsfield Taylor son of Thomas Honnor late of Woodrow shoemaker
2) Simon Verlander of Amersham collector of excise
John Hailey the elder of Amersham plumber & glazier
Nathaniel Palmer of Penn cordwainer
George Rogers of Penn husbandman
James Carter of Penn husbandman
Thomas Parker of Penn cordwainer
1792 Woodrow meeting house abandoned. Congregation joins fellow Particular Baptists in the town.