Education Provision 1833

Agmondesham, or Amersham Borough and Parish, including the Hamlet of Coleshill, situate in the County of Hertford (Pop. 3,313.)

Thirty-four Daily Schools, which collectively contain 201 males and 274 females; one of these is an Endowed Classical School, open to all the residents in the parish without restriction ; but the number of children at present on the foundation, are not distinguished from other daily scholars (the master states that full particulars have been furnished to the Commissioners of Charities;) another School is endowed with £20 per annum for writing and arithmetic; 20 boys (each of whom pay 4d. per week), are instructed by this charity; all the other children (the classical scholars excepted), are paid for by their parents.

One Day and Boarding School, wherein 38 males are educated at the expense of their parents.

Four Sunday Schools, in two of which are 133 males and 180 females,who attend the Established Church; these Schools are endowed under the will of the late William Drake, Esq., with £10. 12s. 10d. per annum, and are otherwise supported by voluntary contributions ; the other two are of the Baptist denomination, and supported by contributions, one of which consists of 70 males and 125 females; the other (commenced 1824), of 33 males and 31 females.

Abstract of Education Returns 1833

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