Memories of Beachampton

Before the First World War a number of men in Beachampton worked for the railway in Wolverton Works and as there was no transport four men acquired a horse and cart and gave a lift to the others. The fares helped to pay for the horse's keep and the four took turns to feed and care for the horse. At six o'clock in the morning the horse and cart went slowly through the village and passengers jumped on as it went along. Those who did not catch up by the top of the hill came out of the village had to walk the five miles to work.

Article written by members of the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes for the publication "Buckinghamshire Within Living Memory" (1993) and reproduced here with their permission


Beachampton is in low-lying ground west of Milton Keynes in the north of Buckinghamshire. The name has changed little since Beachampton was mentioned in the Domesday Book. In 1086 there were 30 heads of households recorded making a population of 100-120. By 1871 there were 272 inhabitants and lace-making was mentioned as a chief occupation of the females. Today the population is about 150 persons. Most people are employed in Milton Keynes though there are some jobs on local farms.

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Education Provision 1833

Beachampton Parish (Pop. 254.)

One Daily School, endowed with freehold lands, now producing 48/. per annum, in which 68 males are receiving instruction.


Notes on Beachampton

Beachampton is a parish and a village on the borders of Northamptonshire - the river Ouse forms the boundary between the counties.

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