Education Provision 1833

Aylesbury Borough and Parish, with Walton (Pop. 5,021)

One Infant School,(lately commenced), containing 43 children of both sexes, supported by subscription, aided by weekly payments of one penny from the parents of the children.

Ten Daily Schools:-

A Grammar School supported by endowments, contains 120 males, 20 of whom are instructed in the Greek and Latin languages ; the head master is allowed to take boarders, of whom he at present has 24
A British School,(re-commenced 1830), the average attendance in which is about 55 (males), the school­room and cottage for the master and mistress were purchased by subscription, and invested in trustees ; there is a debt of £60 on the building, and the master and mistress' emoluments are solely derived from the children's weekly payments;

There was, until lately, a British School for girls, but not succeeding, it was discontinued, and a few girls from it were admitted to the Infant School.

In the other eight Schools, about 220 children of both sexes are under instruction at the expense of their parents.

Five Sunday Schools, in two of which (commenced 1828), are 200 females; in
another (commenced 1830), are 100 males; these attend the Established Church. Another, appertaining to Calvinists (having a small lending Library), consists of 73 males and 87 females; the other to Wesleyan Methodists, of 66 males and 64 females; these Sunday Schools are all supported by voluntary contributions. In addition to the above, there are numerous small Schools wherein children are taught to make lace and to read.
Abstract of Education Returns 1833

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