Ley Hill

In the past, Ley Hill was well-known for its gypsies and drunkards! The former for the good camping facilities and the profusion of hazel twigs (from which they made clothes pegs) on the Common, and the latter for the close proximity of the four Pubs - The Swan, The Crown, The Five Bells and The Hen and Chickens.

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Bellingdon is a small village about a mile out of Chesham on a ridge of the Chiltern Hills, 600 feet above sea level.
Before the Second World War this was a close-knit community with most of the villagers employed in farming and brick-making. The squire was Mr William Lowndes who lived at The Bury in Chesham.

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Memories of Bellingdon

Miss Emma Harding of Savecroft Farm, Bellingdon, near Chesham, writes of her grandparents Daniel and Emma Harding who told her of their childhood in the country. Daniel Harding was bom in 1847. His grandfather was a farm bailiff at Ashley Green and was born in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

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Education Provision 1833

Chesham Parish,
including the Hamlets of Ashley Green, Billington, Chartridge, (with Hunbridge and Ashbridge) and the Chapelry of Lattimers, (with Waterside and Botley) (Pop. 5,388)

Five Daily Schools,

One a Lancasterian School for boys, built in 1827, and capable of containing 150, but from great poverty in the place, the average attendance does not exceed 50; this School is supported by subscription, aided by weekly payments of two-pence from each child; it has a small lending Library, published by the Kildare-Street Society.

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Extract from the Universal British Directory 1791

Is situated in a fertile vale, 29 miles from London, 9 from Rickmansworth, 3 from Amersham, 9 from Wycomb, 7 from Wendover, 7 from Tring, 5 from Berkhamsted, and 7 from Hemel Hempstead. The town consists of tree streets, the chief of which goes almost in a direct line from North to South, in which is the market-house; the market is kept, on Wednesdays, chiefly for corn. Chesham is considerably full of inhabitants.

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