Education Provision 1833

Chesham Parish,
including the Hamlets of Ashley Green, Billington, Chartridge, (with Hunbridge and Ashbridge) and the Chapelry of Lattimers, (with Waterside and Botley) (Pop. 5,388)

Five Daily Schools,

One a Lancasterian School for boys, built in 1827, and capable of containing 150, but from great poverty in the place, the average attendance does not exceed 50; this School is supported by subscription, aided by weekly payments of two-pence from each child; it has a small lending Library, published by the Kildare-Street Society.

Another at Ley Hill, (commenced 1822), supported by the Countess of Burlington, contains 30 children of both sexes.

Another, 12 females

Another, 50 males and 10 females.

And the other (commenced 1819) 26 children, (chiefly females;)

In the last three Schools the children are instructed at the expense of their parents.

Three Day and Boarding Schools,

One with 30 males.

The other two with 50 females, whose education is paid for by
their parents.

Six Sunday Schools

Two of which are of the Established Church;
One with 30 males and 60 females,
The other with 48 males and 56 females;

Two appertaining to Independent Dissenters,
consisting of 95 males and 90 females ;

Two to the Baptist denomination (commenced since 1818),. 126 males and 200 females;

The first Sunday School is supported by the Countess of Burlington, all the others by voluntary contributions.

In addition to the above there are several small Schools kept by women, wherein young children are taught to plait straw.