Marsh Gibbon

Most of the farms and stone terraced cottages are owned by the Ewelme Charity Trust, and the rents help provide for 13 poor men and two chaplains at Ewelme in Oxfordshire.

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Memories of Marsh Gibbon

At the turn of the century Marsh Gibbon was noted for its large proportion of thatched cottages and barns, and most of the farm workers of the village could thatch.
House thatching was a business of its own as carried on by the Carter family and this was their only means of earning a living. The straw was supplied by local farmers, as was the willow used for making sprays and pegs. This craft was very skilled and the Carters travelled on foot to neighbouring villages and borrowed ladders from the farmers for their own use.

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Education Provision 1833

Marsh Gibbon Parish (Pop, 812)

Two Sunday Schools (commenced since 1818); one supported by the Rector and Curate, is attended by 50 males and 80 females, the other maintained by Independent Dissenters, consisting of about 50 children of both sexes.

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Notes on Marsh Gibbon

Description of Marsh Gibbon from J. J. Sheahan in 1861.

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