North Marston

In the year 1290 a rector came to take charge of the parish having previously been priest of the parish of Princes Risborough. This man, the now famous Sir John Schorne, was renowned for his extreme piety. He blessed the village well, known to this day as Schorne Well, thus giving it miraculous healing power to all sick people who drank the water. Much ado was made of this so that many came from far and wide to drink from this well. On the summit of Oving, about a mile away where five ways meet, there was until comparatively recent times a finger board pointing to the direction of the well for guidance of the pilgrims who came to the village to drink the water and visit Sir John Schorne's shrine in St Mary's Church. This finger board read 'To Sir John Schorne's Well'.

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Education Provision 1833

North Marston Parish (Pop. 606)

One Sunday School, held in the church, and conducted by gratuitous teachers, wherein are 137 children of both sexes.

There are several small Schools, in which children are taught to make lace, and the girls to read.


Notes on North Marston

Description of North Marston from J.J. Sheahan, 1861.

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