Holmer Green

'People just don't want to move from Holmer Green' commented someone on the fact that many try to secure another house in the village when requiring a larger or smaller property. This thriving community of around 5,000 lies on the plateau of the Chilterns between the Misbourne valley to the north east and the Wye Valley to the south west, over 500 ft above sea level.

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Memories of Little Missenden

At the turn of the century in Little Missenden, William Folliott cared for the pastoral needs of his flock. This well loved cleric of Irish descent was a familiar figure as he walked his Parish, a never-ending supply of peppermints in his pocket to be shared with children and grown-ups alike. He also dispensed his church's charities to his poor parishioners—lengths of flannel to make warm petticoats, and coal for the needy. Six loaves of bread were distributed by the clerk to deserving parishioners attending morning serrvice. These loaves, decorating the font top, existed until a few years ago, the number getting gradually less as the price of bread increased until this present day when the Bird's Charity money only provides one harvest loaf.

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Education Provision 1833

Little Missenden Parish (Pop. 937)

One Daily School, in which 5 males and 5 females are instructed at the expense of their parents.

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Notes on Little Missenden

Description of Little Missenden, from J. J. Sheahan, 1861.

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