Water Eaton

Water Eaton village has seen many changes over the past 50 years. It stood apart from both Bletchley and Fenny Stratford and was only approached by Water Eaton Road and Manor Road which were mere country lanes with high hedges and trees on either side.

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Memories of Bletchley

By far the best known family in Bletchley when we Bletchley were young was the Leon family.

Herbert Samuel Leon came from Hamburg where he was a banker. He bought a farm not far from the railway station and gradually built it up into a fine estate of several hundred acres. It was called Bletchley Park and the farmstead was replaced by a magnificent mansion. This still stands and houses the Post Office Training School. The size of the place can be judged by the fact that he employed two hundred men, forty of whom were gardeners. Eight men were employed solely in attending the two orchid houses, two men being always 'on the wheel' which meant that two men were on duty all night all the year round to ensure the exact temperatures being maintained. I know this is correct because I was once courted by one of these young men.

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Education Provision 1833

Bletchley Parish (Pop. 376)

One Sunday School, consisting of about 20 children, supported by the Rector and P. P. Duncombe, Esquire.

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Notes on Bletchley

Description of Bletchley, from J. J. Sheahan, 1861.

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