Change, rapid and irrevocable, is the potent force at work in Loughton now. Change, wrought by Milton Keynes new city. Change, starkly symbolized as never before by contrast between old and new: between the soft, golden, resolute tower of All Saints Church standing tall on its knoll overlooking Loughton Valley, and the intrusive, uncompromising, right-angled, mirror-spangled architecture, of Milton Keynes' new railway station a little way off. Doubtless the lovely 13 th century church and the valley which has echoed to the footfall of prehistoric man and the march of invading tribes from Europe will have witnessed many changes throughout its long history. But the rapidity and finality of the present onslaught is a change in itself and can never have been equalled.

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Education Provision 1833

Loughton Parish (Pop. 325)

One Sunday School, with 46 children of both sexes; supported by the clergyman.


Notes on Loughton

Description of Loughton from Sheahan, 1861. 

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