Notes on Newton Blossonville


Newton Blossomville - Description from J.J. Sheahan, 1861

Area, 1,050 acres; population, 332; rateable value, £766. The place is situated on the river Ouse, and on the borders of Bedfordshire. The soil is clay and gravel, with a limestone bottom. The village is a small one, and is seated in a hollow, skirting the road from Bedford to Olney, about 2.5 miles E. from the latter town, and 6.5 miles N.E. from Newport Pagnell. The women make lace.

Newton Park where formerly stood the mansion of the Mordaunts, is now a farm. Portions of the walls of the park remain, and a modern brick farm-house occupies the site of the ancient manor-house. Opposite the churchyard are three very large elm trees growing on a tumulus or mound.

The Rectory House, situated about 100 yards south of the church is a good plain structure of stone, built, apparently at different periods. Extensive garden grounds surround it.

In 1822, the Rev. Joseph Gould, Curate of the parish built a Sunday School at his own expense. The building has since been enlarged and it is now likewise used as the parish school for boys and girls. A small library is kept in the school for the use of the villagers. There are about three acres of "Church Land;" and about two acres of land have been left by an unknown donor for the use of the parish clerk.


Newton-Blossomville Parish (Pop. 237)

One Sunday School, consisting of 9 males and 18 females, supported by subscription.


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