Notes on Sherington

Description of Sherington, from J.J. Sheahan, 1861.

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Education Provision 1833

Sherrington Parish (Pop. 804)

One Daily School, wherein about 12 children are instructed at the expense of their parents.

Two Sunday Schools, one supported by voluntary contributions, with 60 males and 70 females, who attend the Established Church ; the other appertains to Dissenters, and consists of about 80 children of both, sexes, who are gratuitously instructed.


Extract from the Universal British Directory 1791

IS fifty-three miles from London, in the turnpike-road leading from Newport-Pagnell to Wellingborough; is noted for bone-lace, and a large manufactory of royal-matting, great quantities of which are sent weekly to London. The lady of the late rector, the Rev. Mr. Barton, left 300I. to pew and beautify the church. A foot post every day, from Newport to Olney, calls at the Kings Head, Sherrington, to bring and receive letters.

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