Notes on Great Linford

Description of Great Linford from J Sheahan, 1861.

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Education Provision 1833

Great Woolstone Parish (Pop. 120)

One Sunday School (commenced 1833), with about 30 children of both sexes, supported by voluntary contributions.


Notes on Great Woolstone

Description of Great Woolstone, from J. J. Sheahan, 1861.

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Hanslope is situated in the north of the county bordering Northamptonshire on three sides. It is sandwiched between the Ml motorway and the main line railway from London to Scotland. The Grand Union Canal is just outside the parish.
The church is a noted landmark having one of the finest steeples in Bucks. Built in 1250 on a high ridge, it is said that seven surrounding counties can be seen from the battlements.

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Memories of Hanslope

I was born in Hanslope and I remember so well the Hanslope growing of corn by all the allotment holders. My father worked in the Railway Works at Wolverton. About the month of August when the corn was ready, he used to have to go straight from work to the allotments where my two sisters and I met him with his tea so that he could start right away to cut the corn with a sickle. This was a slow job, and we children used to have to help tie up the corn. But the event that pleased us was when the corn was thrashed on a Saturday with the old thrashing engine. All the children gathered in the field and we had an exciting day with all our fathers, finishing the day with their own sacks of corn.

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Education Provision 1833

Hanslope Parish (Pop. 1,623)

One Daily School, containing 10 scholars, endowed with the interest of £200 , bequeathed many years since by Lady Lucy Pierrepont.

Two Sunday Schools, one with 50 children of both sexes, who attend the Established Church, the other appertains to Baptists, and consists of 70, in both of which the children are gratuitously instructed.


Notes on Hanslope

Description of Hanslope from Sheahan, 1861.


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