Memories of Beaconsfield

There were great times to be had when we were young in Beaconsfield. Starting in May there was and still is the annual fair which in those days was more in keeping with the 'Olde English Faire'.

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Education Provision 1833

Beaconsfield Parish (Pop. 1,763)

Seven Daily Schools, one of which contains 80 males; another (commenced 1833) 62 females; these Schools are supported by subscription, aided by small weekly payments from the parents of the children.  
In the other five Schools, 64 children are under instruction at the expense of their parents.
Three Boarding Schools, in which about 80 children are educated at the expense of their parents.
Two Sunday Schools, one (commenced 1825), of 80 males and 70 females, who attend the Established Church: the other, 30 males and 40 females, who are taught in a meeting-house attached to Independents; both supported by voluntary contributions.


Notes on Beaconsfield

Description of Beaconsfield from Sheahan, 1861

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