Education Provision 1833

Burnham Parish (Pop. 1,930)

Nine Daily Schools; two of which are endowed

One of these contains 24 children, of whom 12 (nominated by the Vicar) receive gratuitous instruction from the proceeds of the charity;

The other contains 13 children, instructed from funds accruing from a legacy bequeathed by Mr. Popple;

The other seven Schools contain 142 children, who are paid for by their parents.

One Day and Sunday National School, for this and the adjoining parish of Hitcham, containing 120 children of both sexes; the proceeds of a small endowment are applied to the maintenance of this School, which is further supported by subscription.

Two Sunday Schools, supported by voluntary contributions; one of which is attended by 80 children of both sexes; the other appertains to Independent Dissenters, and consists of 40 children.  A lending Library is attached to the National School.

Lower Boveny Liberty (Pop. 207.)

One Sunday School, appertaining to Dissenters,
consisting of 26 males and 20 females, who are gratuitously instructed.


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