This section also includes those parishes in the south of the county and north of the Thames.

Notes on Horton

Description of Horton from J.J. Shearhan, 1861

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Education Provision 1833

Iver Parish, with part of Colnbrook Chapelry (Pop. 1,870)

Five Daily Schools, one of which contains 20 females, who are paid for by private benevolence; in the other four, partly supported by private charity, and partly by payments from the parents, are 109 females.

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Notes on Iver

Description of Iver parish, from J.J. Sheahan, 1861.

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Iver & Iver Heath

Iver is recorded in the Domesday Book (Yfer - the word meaning a steep slope) but the first mention of Iver Heath (Everheth) seems to be about 1365. It was a sparsely populated area criss-crossed with many tracks and footpaths. Dick Turpin is reputed to have roamed the Heath.

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Notes on Iver Heath

Description of Iver Heath from Kelly's Directory 1903

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Memories of Langley

I was born in Langley, Bucks, in March 1924 and have lived in Bucks the best part of my life. We used to walk through fields and over the farm land which stretched for miles around and wander along the stream running into Datchet. Over the last few years many houses and new housing estates have been built
£ and all farms and fields done away with. In the village there was a blacksmith in a tiny row of houses, now turned into a block of modern houses, and also a home-made bakery which was there for years. It was run by Mr and Mrs Rymes and family. They are quite old now.

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Education Provision 1833

Langley Marish Parish, with part of Colnbrook Chapelry (Pop. 1,797)

Five Daily Schools, containing 49 males and 66 females, and Two Boarding Schools, about 50 males; these are all educated at the expense of their parents.

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