Little seems to be known of Wooburn prior to the Norman Conquest. The parish was at one time in two parts: Bishop's Wooburn and the Manor of Deyncourt. The Manor of Bishop's Wooburn was given as part of the endowment to the Bishopric of Lincoln between 1066 and 1100 and the Manor of Deyncourt was given to a relative of King William — Walter Deyncourt.

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Pigots 1830 Directory

Pigot published directories through most of the 19th century. The following entries are in the 1830 edition of the directory for the parishes of Wooburn, Little Marlow and Hedsor.


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Education Provision 1833

Wooburn Parish (Pop. 1,927)

Five Daily Schools, two of which contain 70 males and 52 females. These Schools (to which lending Libraries are attached), are supported by subscription, aided by weekly payment of twopence from the parents with each child. The salaries are £35 per annum to the master, and £20 to the mistress, together with the children's payments. Of the other five Schools (in all of which the instruction is paid for by the parents), one contains 15 males ; three 50 females, and one, 4 males and 7 females.-

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