The village of Speen lies 600 ft up in the Chilterns and is in the parish of Lacey Green and Loosley Row. At one time the village was referred to as Uphill, but in the Land Survey of 1823 was given the name of Speen.

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Loosley Row & Lacey Green

Loosley Row and Lacey Green are really one fair-sized village in the Chilterns, an area of outstanding natural beauty, between High Wycombe and Princes Risborough. Lacey Green is on the ridge, Loosley Row half way up the side of the valley. They began as small farming settlements in ancient times but have expanded considerably. While the greater part of the land in the area is farmed, only a small number of people work in that industry. Some work in nearby towns or in other organisations in the countryside, such as timber research or R.A.F. Strike Command in the next village, others travel much farther afield, including Lon­don.

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Memories of Lacey Green

Mrs Adams was born in Lacey Green eighty-five years ago and still lives in the house the family moved to when she was three years old. Her father was a travelling chair-man, journeying far to obtain orders for chairs, but he died when his daughter was not much over eight years of age.

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Notes on Lacey Green

Description of Lacey Green from J.J. Sheahan, 1861

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