Lane End

The village of Lane End (once called Ackhamsted) sits high in the Chilterns surrounded by acres of common land, hills and beech woods.

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Memories of Lane End

The road between Peacock and Cadmore End was very quiet in 1935, it being quite an event if a bicycle passed that way.

Memories of the Lacey Farm at Bolter End, and the use of horses and carts. The carthorses and long wagons piled high with sheaves of corn to be stored in barns and later threshed—no combine harvesters in those days. A very dirty job the farmer faced when the threshing machine visited his farm. Hay was all carted and made into ricks, something which is almost a thing of the past in this part of the world.

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Notes on Lane End

Description of Land End from J.J. Sheahan, in 1861.

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