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Great Missenden Parish

Church: St Peter and St Paul

Hundred: Aylesbury

Poor Law District: Amersham

Size (acres): 5820

Easting & Northing: 489201

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AYLESBURY HUNDRED from Sheahan 1861: The division of Buckinghamshire now known as the hundred of Aylesbury is formed by the union of the three ancient hundreds of Elesberie (Aylesbury), Risberge, (Risborough), and Stane, (Stone), and still retains the formally the appelation of the "Three Hundreds


The first Great Western Railway to get to Aylesbury took a long route to get to London (Paddington) through Princes Risborough, High Wycombe, Bourne End and Maidenhead. Later in 1892, a shorter route to London was finished. This railway went through Wendover, Great Missenden, Amersham, Rickmansworth

Gt Missenden

Standing on the hills above Great Missenden are the pleasantly rural villages of Ballinger and South Heath. The small village church of St Marys at Ballinger is very quaint and old and has been carefully looked after through the many years by devoted villagers.

Gt Missenden

Description of Great Missenden from J. J. Sheahan, 1861.

Gt Missenden

Hyde Heath, the name for which possibly comes from 'the heath belonging to one William de Hyde', is described in one guide book as, '. . . a common with small houses ... probably an early squatting settlement' and in another as 'a scattered district on high ground'. Neither of which are accurate des

Gt Missenden

There has been a village of Great Missenden since Saxon times. The name is derived from the river Miss or Mease and from the word 'dene' — a narrow wooded valley. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Today the river is known as The Misbourne and whereas it was once an attractive stream rising

Gt Missenden

Great Missenden Parish (Pop. 1,827) One Infant School (commenced 1830), supported by subscription, containing from 70 to 80 children of both sexes.

Gt Missenden

The origins of the village date back to around 900 AD when a monastery was founded where Ashwell Farm (Kingshall) now stands. William the Conqueror gave a Manor and lands to a Saxon nobleman, the Earl of Aufrics, but the lands reverted back to the Crown after the Earl's death. The road through the v

Gt Missenden

'A lot of the cottages in the village were the foster homes for Dr Barnardo's children. Widows were often better off than the wives of the farmworkers because they fostered several children at once and had more housekeeping money.' 'I remember the women sitting in a circle doing their straw plait.

Gt Missenden

My grandfather lived at Sedges Farm and my family lived near by. We enjoyed the company of three young cousins. This number was greatly increased during the school holidays when several 'town' cousins came to stay on the farm, and local children joined in too.

Gt Missenden

Walking was the usual way of getting around, although on Saturdays a pony and trap ran through the village. This eventually led to a horse and brake which could carry seven people at a time. For private use one could hire a horse and brougham from the Nag's Head Inn.

Gt Missenden

When I was young, the highlight of our school year was not so much the last day of the summer term as a day when we held our May Revels. The First of May was always too cold and wet, for the celebrations were held on the common adjoining the school. The performers all had parents and grandparents, a

Gt Missenden

I went to the village school which consisted of one room for the infants and one room for the older children, one teacher and one headmistress. When the  headmistress was sick (which was often) the infants teacher had to teach in the big room and one of the older girls had to teach the infants. The

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Great Missenden
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Great Missenden PARISH St Peter and St Paul
Afflecks NAMES name for Affrick's Farm in 1806
Belynger NAMES name for Ballinger in 1535, 1550
Halligar Wood NAMES name for Halligar Wood
Mantils farm NAMES name for Mantle's Farm in 1703
Maundell NAMES name for Mantle's Farm in 1500
Missedene NAMES name for Missenden in Domesday Book in 1086
Missenden Hyde NAMES name for Hyde in 1550
Ninningwood NAMES name for Ninneywood in 1714
Nynning (wood) NAMES name for Ninneywood in 1540
Petterley NAMES name for Peterley 1559
Petterlow NAMES name for Peterley 1550
Baptist NON-CONFORMIST Hyde Heath. First Mentioned: before 1891
Baptist NON-CONFORMIST High Street. First Mentioned: 1838
Baptist NON-CONFORMIST Holmer Green. First Mentioned: 1831
Methodist NON-CONFORMIST First Mentioned: 1841. Closed 1937
Primitive Methodist NON-CONFORMIST First Mentioned: 1830. Closed 1938
Abbey Park PLACE within the parish
Ballinger PLACE within the parish
Ballinger Bottom South PLACE within the parish
Ballinger Common PLACE within the parish
Basseybones (Part) PLACE within the parish
Beamond End PLACE within the parish
Breaches Wood PLACE within the parish
Deep Mill PLACE within the parish
Frith Hill PLACE within the parish
Grange Farm PLACE within the parish
Haleacre Wood PLACE within the parish
Hunts Green (Part) PLACE within the parish
Hyde Heath (Part) PLACE within the parish
Little Kingshill (Part) PLACE within the parish
Little Pednor PLACE within the parish
Maples Green PLACE within the parish
Mobwell PLACE within the parish
Ninneywood (Fm) PLACE within the parish
Peterley PLACE within the parish
Potterrow PLACE within the parish
Prestwood (Part) PLACE within the parish
Wycombe Heath (Part) PLACE within the parish




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Great Missenden   St Peter & St Paul   Baptisms   1694   1901   Yes,
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Great Missenden   St Peter & St Paul   Marriages   1575   1901   Yes,
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Great Missenden   St Peter & St Paul   Burials   1603   1874   Yes,
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