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A New Way to Pay for Parish Register Database Searches

thumb-magnifying glass depicting searchingThere is now a new way of paying for our parish register database searches using your credit card via our website.

If you wish to use your credit card without having to write in with your card details you can email our baptisms database manager (Madeleine) who will notify you of the cost and direct you to the relevant page in our on-line shop to purchase a database search voucher using our secure payment system. See relevant section for full details, Baptisms, Burials, Marriages. Although Madeleine is the database manager for baptisms & burials she can also take requests for voucher based searches from our marriage database. It is important not to purchase vouchers until directed to do so by the database manager.
We hope that this will save the time and expense, particularly for our overseas clients, of sending cheques or details of credit cards through the post. If you prefer you can still use the postal system. Although Madeleine is initially managing voucher based searches of the marriage database please continue to send postal requests for marriage searches to our marriage database manager.

This is a pilot facility which if found to be useful will be rolled out to other postal searches.