Bucks History

Amersham Petty Sessions

The Amersham Magistrates Court known as Petty Sessions originally started meeting at the Crown Inn. It also met at the Police Station and Amersham Union Workhouse.

Below are a group of cases involving transport and roads.

25 March 1872

Thomas Bridges was found guilty of leaving a cart on Highway. Fine 6d, Costs 4/6 or 7 days if in default. 


25 March 1872


William Gomm was was Fined 1/- with costs of 10/- or 14 days in default for having a cart on the highway without a licence.


25 March 1872


Arthur Cox pleaded guilty of allowing his donkey stray on the highway  Fine 1/- Costs 10/- in default 14 days.


23 Sept 1872


Arthur Joiner was found guilty of the highway offence riding without reins. Fine 1/- Costs 5/- or 7 days in default of payment.


23 Sept 1872


Also on the same day William Smith, at Amersham Common was asleep while riding his cart on the night of 17th at nine o'clock. When the horse was stopped by P.C. Albert Smith he was still asleep. Fine 2/6 Costs 11/- in default 14 days.



25 February 1874

Arthur Butcher was convictede for having a cart without a licence.



23 May 1874

William Rise, Frederick Dolling and Joseph Jones was convicted for non payment of Poor and Highway Rates.