Bucks History

Chesham - Telephone

10/04/1897   Telephonic communication with all parts is now obtainable at the Chesham Post Office, a branch of the trunk line having been laid from Watford.

Toy Dealers

This is the list of Toy Dealers that are in Buckinghamshire in 1891.

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Slough - Concert & Race

Below is an advert for an entertainment and race for boys.

Music and dance played a great part in the lives of people.

The race is interesting as it is for all ages of boy. There is a handicap system where the slower and younger boys get a head start. This race is one of many over a season for boys, There are no adverts for girls races..

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Marlow Petty Sessions - Opening Hours

17th November 1866

From the Marlow Magistrates Minute Book

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Buckingham - Problem with Bull

8th September 1827

At Buckingham fair on Tuesday last a bull and cow entered the house of Harry Cox, the staymaker, and alarmed the family whilst at breakfast; the entrance being narrow it was impossible to turn them out.

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High Wycombe - Storm

6th August 1842 High Wycombe,


On Wednesday afternoon this town was visited with a most violent and heavy storm, indeed such a one as even the oldest inhabitants cannot recollect before.

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