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Here are the Surnames from the document
Allan Atkins Bailey Baker Baldwin Barron Bartlett Bayes Bennett Biggs Black
Bodsworth Brazier Brown Buckingham Bull Bye Carpenter Chew Clarke Cooke
Copping Craig Crothall Cubitt Curson Doble Dyke Farquhar Gates Gebherd
Gilhooly Hadingham Hall Harcourt Harrison Haydock Hicks Higgs Hillyer Holdom
Hoy (Hunt) Hunter Jackson Keet King Lane Leith Linnell Loe Lucas (Bucks)
Lucas (Fr) Luther Masters Middleton Moneyman Morgan Nash Nayler Page Palmer
Parmee Pearson Percival Phillips Pilbeam Plowman Price Pullen Rawcliffe Revitt
Rivett Robinson Russell Salmon Sargent Savage Schubert Sharpe Smith Spong
Stanner Sutherland Sutton Taylor Tidmarsh Treen Trivett Turvey Unwin Warwick
Webber West Windmill Wonnacott Woodman Worland Worth

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